Thursday, June 5, 2014

Healing with Harvey

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I have a lot on my plate!  But the good news is that I am being active and am also counting calories.  I am down 5 lbs from my highest weight.  I am happy about that!  I'm just taking each day at a time, and not letting it all stress me out.  In the grand scheme of things, it's okay if it comes off slowly.

I thought that I would share my page that I made for my son and his story.  For those of you (all two of you!) that still read this blog and wanted an update on our situation, you can find all the nitty gritty details here:

Healing with Harvey

I post on there at least weekly with photos and updates.  Check it out if you feel so inclined.  The more people that know his story, the less little babies that might get hurt by being burned!  That's the goal anyway...  :)

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